2016 4th Asia-Pacific (Guangzhou) Healthy Breathing Expo

December 17-19, 2016 Guangzhou (Pazhou) Poly World Trade Center Exhibition Hall

2017 5th Asia-Pacific (Guangzhou) Healthy Breathing Expo

May 31-June 2, 2017 Guangzhou (Pazhou) Poly World Trade Center Exhibition Hall

[Guided by]

International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease,

World Lung Foundation, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids,

Guangdong Provincial Institute of Public Health

[Sponsored by]

Organization Committee of Asia-Pacific (Guangzhou) Healthy Breathing Expo

Guangzhou Association on Tobacco Control    

[Undertaken by]

Guangzhou Yijia Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

[Expo background]

10,000 professional visitors,  1,000 medical specialists, 

100 supporting institutions, and 10 academic forums                                                                                                                                                                                            

  • In recent years, the cities are besieged by smoke fog, and more and more young lung cancer patients have been discovered; PM2.5, decoration pollution, motor vehicle exhaust emission, and a large base population of smokers have become links which cannot be neglected in environment pollution. “Asia-Pacific (Guangzhou) Healthy Breathing Expo” was founded in 2014; after three years of development, it has become the unique high-end, professional and branded exhibition of health breath chain industry throughout the world, and about 200 enterprises from more than 30 countries and regions have accumulatively come to take part in it, to show the high-quality products in respiratory medicine, air purification, green building material, and tobacco control, etc.
  •  About more than 30,000 visitors have participated in the Expo in all previous times; the purchasing teams from 13 countries have realized trade matching; and it has been engaged in developing into the “Canton Fair” in health breath field; about 100 media from different places throughout the world have interviewed and reported the Expo, and it has been reprinted for more than 10,000 pieces by various media, the total hits have exceeded 10,000,000, therefore, greatly promoting the brand recognition and influence of participating enterprises. It has become a symbol of strength to take part in this Expo.

[Scope of exhibits]                                                                                                                                                                             

  • Respiratory Medicine Exhibition: Respiratory medical care equipment and materials exhibition area | respiratory disease testing equipment exhibition area|respiratory drugs exhibition area | respiratory disease diagnosis products exhibition area | respiratory health care exhibition area|respiratory hospital exhibition area | respiratory medicine and health management exhibition area
  • Air Purification Exhibition: air cleaner brands exhibition area | new air cleaning exhibition area | air purification OEM exhibition area|filtration purification materials exhibition area | air purification test and governance exhibition area |clean antibiosis exhibition area | dust prevention exhibition area | respiratory health care exhibition area
  •  Green Building Materials Exhibition; Green building materials exhibition area|decoration pollution test and governance exhibition area|smoke-free cookers exhibition area|green plants exhibition area|breath and sleep exhibition area|healthy breathing communities and schools exhibition area
  •  Tobacco Control Results Exhibition: Tobacco control products exhibition area | tobacco control results exhibition area | tobacco control activities exhibition area

[Promotion of Expo]                                                                                                                                                                           

  • On-site   propaganda and promotion at more than 20 similar medical and health exhibitions throughout the country.
  • Uninterrupted publicity by about 100 industry media, websites and professional magazines throughout the country.
  • Publicity on Microblog, Wechat, official website, Blogger, and other new medium means.
  • Precision invitation to 100,000 professional visitors through each health and medical association throughout the country.
  • Continuous reporting by mainstream newspaper, website, radio station, TV station, mobile TV, public transportation, and etc.
  • Bulletin board propaganda in main residential quarters as well as 100,000 letters of invitation to all medical institutions in South China.
  • Invitation to leaders of hotels, supermarkets, banks, entertainment venues as well as enterprises in different industries.
  • Invitation to accurate professional visitors in 500,000 databases by telephone, fax, e-mail, and SMS through a professional buyer team.

 [Concurrent events]                                                                                                                                                    

  • APBE Rostrum of Public Interest   APBE and Lung Disease Forum
  • Asia-Pacific Most Popular Healthy  Breathing  Doctor Award Ceremony  
  • APBE Oscar Brand Ceremony
  • APBE Investment Forum 
  • APBE Enterprise Innovation and Planning Competition
  • APBE +Internet Conference  
  • APBE 1000 + Dealer Conference
  • APBE High-quality Well-known Goods International Purchasing Fair 
  • APBE “Xiaohu” Cartoon Image Design Competition
  • Healthy Breathing Image Spokesperson Online Competition  
  • APBE “Daddy, No Smoking” Poster Competition


 [Wonderful review]                                                                                                                                                                            

1.  ​      Brand exhibition, escorting by professional effect

  •  10000+ agents, dealers, merchants, and medical institution heads from breathing field participate in the Expo 
  •  85.6% of exhibitors express that they will continuously take part in the Expo or extend their exhibition areas

2.        Respiratory health, gathering internationally famous enterprises

  •   The enterprises from Italy, Germany, US, Britain, Chinese Taiwan and different provinces and cities
  •  10000m2 exhibition hall, 200 enterprises and brands from 15 countries and regions participate in the Expo

3.        Global professionals, giving wonderful lectures

  •   2016 APBE and Lung Disease Forum, striving for the top-level respiratory forum throughout the world
  •  The authoritative experts and professors including Professor Chen Rongchang, president of Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Disease, Professor Tan Shouyong from Guangzhou Chest Hospital, Professor Lin Yan from International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, Professor Zhang Tiantuo from Third Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yat-Sen University, Professor Li Guangxi from Beijing Guang’anmen Hospital, Professor Hui Hongxiang from Medical College of Los Angeles, California, Ms. Ou Qiong from Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital, have shared their opinions from tobacco, PM2.5, tuberculosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, sleep breath, and other aspects; about 100 respiratory scholars have gathered in the Expo, and about 100 media have reported the Expo.

4.        Tobacco-free Guangzhou, participated by communities and schools

  •   Wechat ID of Tobacco-free Guangzhou launched, to attract the participation by media and the public. About 100 communities, hospitals and schools have entered into Expo to receive the awarding of “Tobacco-free Advanced Unit”
  •   Municipal Health Planning Commission, Tobacco Control Office, and Association of Tobacco Control have jointly held the theme lecture on the 29th World No-Tobacco Day.

5.        Brand ceremony, awarding the well-known products

  •   More than 10 high-quality products from Zhengshang, Lanruosi ,Quankang, Qianhai, Hangzhou, Yangmu, Duopeng, Gaha, Yunweikang, Shanmu Technology, Kanglu, Olans, Xiangtai, Hongxing Haoyang, Haike have come out from about 100 applicant enterprises.
  • ​​Healthy  breathing product award 2016 awarded by the Organization Committee

6.        Internet +, promoting healthy breathing

  •   Tobacco control + Internet, Tobacco-free Guangzhou public platform launched, to attract participation by more than 100 communities and schools. Wechat signing-in, Wechat lottery +Internet, 300,000 rewards.
  •   The healthy breathing +internet conference undertaken by Chinese Merchants MBA Fellow-students Association Internet Association of Sun Yat-sen University adds wings of internet to the breath expo, attracting thousands of entrepreneurs.

[Secretariat of the Organization Committee]

        Guangzhou Yijia Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

 (Exhibition Application Form, Plan, and Charge Standard ready for demand)                                                                                                                                              

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[Exhibition charge standard]

Any one is available, or two can be available synchronously for special preference.

[Luxurious standard booth]   3m×3m(9m2)

Remarks: 4m high-luxury standard booth: including one reception desk/negotiating table, 3 chairs, 2 spotlights, one socket, lintel boards in Chinese and English, carpet.

  •  Area A :  RMB19800 /one/ exhibition period   
  •  Area B:  RMB 16800 /one/exhibition period
  •  Area C:  RMB 13800 /one/exhibition period
  •  Area D:  RMB 8800 /one/exhibition period

[Raw space]

Remarks:  36m2 at least will be leased, only a place is provided, without any configuration, the electric charge and management fee shall be calculated additionally.

  •   Area A:   RMB 1180/ m2/exhibition period  
  •   Area B:   RMB 980/ m2/exhibition period  
  •   Area C:   RMB 780/ m2/exhibition period  
  •   Area D:   RMB 580/ m2/exhibition period  

[Forum and lecture]

  • 40minutes  RMB 8000 
  •  20minutes  RMB 4000 
  • 10 minutes, RMB 2000

[Exhibition publication] 

140mm wide* 210mm high, 30,000 volumes to be published, guideline for purchasers.

  • Publication cover advertising       RMB 30000        
  • Publication cover II/III  RMB 20000
  • Inside color page of publication    RMB 10000  
  • Publication back cover advertising  RMB   30000
  • Full page of a black-and-white inner page RMB  5000                 
  • Black-and-white directory  500 characters  RMB 1000
  • Visit/exhibition card rope advertising  RMB 38000     
  • Visit/exhibition card back advertising  RMB 30000
  •  Handheld bag advertisement  RMB 18000 /1000         
  •  Outdoor truss advertisement 3m high×6m wide  RMB 680 /m2